13 April 2011

 It’s just after6 PM and I am once again sitting in the departure lounge at Ottawa International Airport. I am heading out for Paris via Frankfurt; once again I have given my precious backpack to Air Canada to get safely to the airport in Paris. I did ask to see the baggage tag and it is indeed to CDG, Charles de Gaulle in Paris. My plan was to put the backpack inside an old black suitcase. The plan failed because when I tested the suitcase at  ValueVillage, the zipper that I tested was, unbeknownst to me, for the expansion section of the suitcase. The main zipper was non-functional and I didn’t realize that until a few hours ago. Happily, Carroll had mentioned something about a nylon carrying bag for backpacks and I had picked one up at Mountain Equipment Coop. It works fine, so the package on the baggage belt is a non-descript black nylon duffel bag. Shouldn’t tempt anyone.

 I almost came without my trusty Tilley hat, on to which Carroll has sewn a lovely pink scallop shell from the west coast of Canada, a happy gift from Mary Virtue. I had my hat on when I got into the car to go to the airport, then put it down between the driver’s seat and the centre console and promptly forgot that I had done that. When I got out at the airport, I picked up my backpack and my carry-on bag, then realized that my hat wasn’t there. I was prepared to leave without it. Carroll got into the driver’s seat, then jumped out triumphantly with the hat in her hand. What a relief … and not an auspicious start to the trip. I must not leave things behind!

 The weather here is gray, cool, a little rainy, very low ceiling. It would be good walking weather. I have no idea what to expect when I get to Le Puy. I hope that it is at least clear because I want to get some photos of the town’s major features.

 14 April 2011 1030 AM

I am now sitting in another lounge, this time inFrankfurt. I am between flights, waiting for the plane toParis. It’s sunny and warm here. The flight was uneventful, as all flights should be. Because I have lots of Aeroplan points, I flew business class. That meant that I had a little pod all to myself, a seat that reclined into a bed and excellent food and service. Seems a little bizarre, flying in luxury to start an 800-kilometre walk, but what the hey, it’s my camino.

1230 in Paris. I am here and so is my backpack. What a relief!

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  1. Finally, you can consentrate on the way. I can feel the tension and the spirit even from my chair back home. Walk safe and be happy….Bonne route….Tor from Norway

  2. Oh Guy… both Hollis and I are so relieved you made it with your backpack in tow! …and thank goodness you had a nylon bag to use. We will be keeping track of your blog and look forward to your return and to hear more of your adventures. Cheers Kate

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