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A Journey of Days Continues

Exceptional sequel, the rest of the camino! I really didn’t want this book to end! This is even better than Guy’s “Journey of Days” which is about his walk on the Camino in Spain. For me it’s not as much about the description of the walk or the people he encounters, it’s about what he feels and his belief in himself during a remarkable period of introspection and quiet courage. Reading each page is like having a lovely conversation with the author. His wry humor and his ability to poke fun at himself draws us into his world, and we experience his rewards and lessons on the Camino in France. The most poignant lesson again for me is “life is all about relationships”. That is indeed what Guy offers to us in this book. Giving and graciously receiving are hallmarks of the pilgrims and hosts all along the Camino. and it is the sense of sharing of food, conversation and spiritual connections that are brought to life on each page. Halfway through the book Guy reveals that he understands now why he’s walking the rest of the 1,500 kilometer Camino – it’s because he’s supposed to write this book. It is truly a gift to readers to share his path, his thoughts and his heart.
On Amazon by Mary Gauer of Albuquerque, New Mexico

I was going to give your book to a fellow ‘pilgrim’ who was on the Camino this summer. I thought I should glance at it first and then I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. I REALLY enjoyed it. Anyway congrats on both the book and completing the route.
Personal message from Peter Edmison, Ottawa, ON

A Journey of Days

As a fellow travel and adventure enthusiast, I always appreciate people who write so compellingly about their experiences. It’s great to be in touch with such an inspirational person. Thanks for the life lessons!
Karen McCann, Seville, Spain

Your video, excerpted from your book reading, is inspirational. As I reach middle age, I realize that so many of us have not experienced the ‘hero’s journey’ and it matters. I appreciate the ‘moment’ that a pilgrimage provides in signifying a life, considered. Thank you for sharing.
Kevin Hurley, Burlington, Vermont

My wife and I have walked the Camino twice, in 2003 and 2005. I have just read “A Journey of Days” by Guy Thatcher. The book was very well written, accurate, funny, honest, truthful, and I enjoyed every page. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Camino de Santiago. If you have done the pilgrimage, you will enjoy revisiting it through this book. If you are thinking about doing the pilgrimage Mr. Thatcher’s book is a must read.
Jim Clem, San Diego, CA

With the wisdom and humour that come from a full life well lived, his funny, intelligent and moving account has been called the best book yet written about walking the Camino.
Kingston WritersFest, Kingston, ON

Someone once said that you can live life, but if you don’t reflect on what is happening to you, it is not worth much. In contrast, you have thought deeply about the significance of this life changing experience, with honesty, openness to new possibilities and always a great compassion for the people you shared it with
Lawrence McCane, Newcastle, Australia

Guy Thatcher writes with a traveller’s eye for historical interest and reminiscence. It is a good read in the company of an interesting man who is excited by his camino experience.
Confraternity of Saint James, London, England

I picked up A Journey of Days on a whim. My exact thoughts at the time were, "This is probably money down the drain but it’s worth a try." How wrong I was and gratefully so. I could not put your recounting of this unique adventure down and came to feel that I was shadowing you and your companions along this particular "yellow brick road". Your humour, realism and candid reflections on your companions captivated me. Your philosophical ramblings had me nodding my head, either in agreement or vehemently opposed; but then a good author knows how to engage his unseen readers
Anne Pehleman, Ottawa, ON

I truly enjoyed A Journey of Days I’ll have to admit I was soooo incredibly hooked! I was trying to visualize myself on the Camino but the closer you got to Santiago I realized my “NOW” is here. I enjoyed your theories and loved how you re-wrote the life lessons relearned. I also think you have a wonderful gift of touching and empowering the people around you. Thank you again for such a lovely read.
Julia Robillard, Stittsville, ON

If you liked The Power of Now, you will love A Journey of Days Having just finished reading Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” I had the good fortune of reading Guy Thatcher’s “A Journey of Days”. This is an extraordinary book that is a real life example of how the power of NOW (being truly present in the moment) can lead to spiritual enlightenment, renewal of a belief in the goodness in people, and how, when we let go of our ego, we see the truth and find the power and joy of the essence of our being. All that intertwined with a history of the Camino de Santiago.
Sheldon Rice, Ottawa, ON

My dad gave me the copy of your book “A Journey of Days”. There are a lot of new adventures I am experiencing from reading it. I could see myself waiting at the airport, worrying about the lost backpack, eating at the quaint little restaurant, sitting at the park and even making the walk myself. I find your descriptive imagery very explicit. One of my dreams is to travel the world and see ancient places and learn of their culture. Your book has allowed me to go to a few of these places and see them through your eyes. Many gracious thanks.
Lisa Bisnath, Trinidad and Tobago

Guy Thatcher is not your average pilgrim on the 1,000-year-old Camino de Santiago endurance hike of about 700 kilometres in Spain. It’s the record, in rich detail of lifetime friendships made and the bonhomie of locals along the way, which stay in the mind.
Over The Transom in the Ottawa Citizen, 2 November 2008

I just put down your excellent “Journey of Days” and really loved it! I found your insights deeply moving and cried more than a tear while turning the pages. As a 26 year old woman, I found myself relating to Marina and Paula’s life struggles and your words of wisdom to them were very touching.
Kristen Bussandri, New York, NY

Loved your book, read every word and feel as if I shared the journey with you.
Liz Rose, Las Cruces, New Mexico

What an incredible story! It took me through the miles you walked, the places you encountered, the people, the food. The history, the excitement, the aches ‘n pains. I feel as though I’ve been through it all. Thank you so much for sharing the Journey of a lifetime!
Dorothy Chapman, Tauranga, New Zealand

What a treat that was! I just finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed taking the trip with you and Marina and Kirsten, and Paula and Suzie, et al. Thanks again for sharing the intimacy of your pilgrimage. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Marjorie Shaver-Jones, Ottawa, ON

A Journey of Days is a little triumph and quite emotional – I read it in one sitting.
Jackie Sage, Whipsnade, England

Thank you so much! I can’t tell you what a joy it is to read your book. I get up in the morning and sit with it for a half an hour and it’s like a meditation on living well.
Paddye Mann, Pakenham, ON

I found the book interesting, charming, kept me wanting to read more, and altogether a fine job. Congratulations!
Ance Thatcher, Candia, NH (He’s my older brother)

I had the feeling that I was walking with you albeit without the aches, inconveniences and weariness. I enjoyed "our" encounters with the various fellow travellers.
Zita Whitehead, Toronto, ON

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I couldn’t put it down. Great writing style, interesting and thought provoking insights with some good out loud chuckles.
Joyce Hill, Edmonton, AB

The book is so well written – I enjoyed myself and savoured every page. Grateful thanks.
Grete Hale, Ottawa, ON

A great book for an afternoon sitting by a fire.
Diane Duncan, Calgary, Alberta

The best Camino story ever! I have previously read 8 books on walking the Camino and my 9th was Guy Thatcher’s “A Journey of Days”, which I consider the BEST story.

Patricia Hohs, Stittsville, ON

The story was wonderfully human. The book was intelligent and wise, with several anecdotes that left me giggling and others were so moving, they literally brought me to tears.
Rachel Norman, Gatineau, Quebec

A Wonderful Journey! The combination of place, time and Guy’s personal observations gave me many hours of reading pleasure. I would recommend this book very highly.

Mike Steinberg, Ottawa, ON

This is an elegantly presented, intelligent book. You’ll come away informed, inspired and touched by this beautiful narrative.
Judi Cova, Kingston, ON

An intergenerational story and an inspiration to all.
Colleen Colpitts, Ottawa, ON

After reading of this Journey, the Camino de Santiago is on my bucket list.
Amanda Greenberg, Ottawa, ON

This is a gentle story written by a man who has flown helicopters in military service, given lectures on management and been strong enough to learn how to be silent and walk. His book is a quiet meditation on life.
Paddye Mann, Pakenham, ON

BRAVO! This is the third account of the Camino experience I’ve read, and certainly the best. The author’s writing is witty, humorous and thoughtful.
André Pinard, Ottawa, ON

An absolutely great read! Written with such descriptive and exquisite detail that you find yourself walking right along side Guy, feeling and sensing the same things as he does.

Geoff Clarke, Carleton Place, ON

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Five Stars Five star reviews from online:

I highly recommend this book, knowing that you’ll be dreaming of walking your own camino by the time you finish reading it. Enjoy!
Yodachop, Canada

The author’s keen sense of observation and sharp wit paint vivid pictures of his journey, usually with a bit of an imagined twinkle in the author’s eye.

R. Stevens, Des Moines, Iowa

This engrossing narrative provides insight into one man’s journey and reveals many thought provoking ideas for us all to consider.
Assorted reader, Atlanta, Georgia

What struck me while reading was how I kept wanting to read! This book draws you in gently and won’t let you go.
Mary Gauer, Albequerque, NM

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