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I have now heard back from Marina and Paula about walking next year. Marina is newly married and living south of Boston, so it is no surprise that she is not interested in joining me. Paula lives in Bremen in Germany and although she likes the idea she does not feel that she has time to spare some for this. She did tell me that her father may be interested, and he would be most welcome. More at

 Last evening I got an unexpected and very welcome email from Jim Clem. I don’t know where he lives. He told me … well, I will let him tell you. This is his review of my book on the site:

“In 2003 my wife and I were pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, and walked every step from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago, Spain. We returned for a second trip in 2005. I purchased the Kindle edition of “A Journey of Days: Relearning Life’s Lessons on the Camino de Santiago” by Guy Thatcher a few days ago and could not put it down. The book was very well written, accurate, funny, honest, truthful, and I enjoyed every page. Mr. Thatcher tells his Camino story in a day-to-day format so the reader gets a sense of what it is like on the trail. His description of the Camino de Santiago, places along the trail, people he met, weather, and the everyday experience, brought back many good memories of our trek across northern Spain.

I would highly recommend “A Journey of Days: Relearning Life’s Lessons on the Camino de Santiago” to anyone interested in the Camino de Santiago. If you have done the pilgrimage, you will enjoy revisiting it through this book. If you are thinking about doing the pilgrimage Mr. Thatcher’s book is a must read.”

How is that for a nice way to end an evening? It is really inspiring for me that strangers care enough to share their thoughts with me about my book.

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