An interesting video

Here is a 15-minute video taken last spring while I was walking in France. It was taken by Daniel Bourzakian from Paris, who was walking with his wife and two grandchildren. They are the folks whom I met when I made a seriously wrong turn and ended up on the wrong trail in the early days of my walk. The video is in French, of course, and is taken from the point of view of the two children, Cassandre, 11 and Victor 10. You get to meet Daniel, Arlette and the two children and also Pierre and Jacques, two brothers whom I meet soon after and again in Pamplona six weeks later when they show up unexpectedly. I show up in the video at about the ten-minute mark, but what makes it so interesting for me and I hope for you is that it shows the really difficult weather and trail conditions in which I walked. It’s true, a picture is worth a thousand words and the trail surface certainly makes that abundantly clear. Have a look for yourself.

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