Well, a slight glitch in my training regimen. A couple of days ago, I stubbed my right foot on something in the house. It really hurt, but after a couple of minutes the pain departed … mostly, and I got on with whatever I was doing. The two smaller toes continued to be a little sore, but it wasn’t until last evening that I found out why. As I was taking my sock off, I noticed some blood on the toe end. On examining my foot, I discovered that I had knocked the nail off the second smallest toe. It is just hanging by a thread. I put a Bandaid on the toe to keep it from catching in the bed sheets. I shall have to be very careful over the next few days not to aggravate the raw area or to get an infection in it. It’s a nuisance, hopefully nothing more than that.

I have also – I see that I am whining – sprung my lower back doing something, I don’t know what, so getting up is an exercise in slow motion. Once I get moving I am alright, but I have this nagging thought – what if this happens during my long walk next year? I shall have to really work on improving the lower back muscles to hold everything in place. I am, of course, optimistic that these are temporary setbacks, not show stoppers.

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