The Way

The movie “The Way’, directed by Emilio Estevez and starring Martin Sheen, is about one man’s physical journey on the Camino de Santiago and about his interior journey of discovery. What he came to was the understanding and tolerance of others’ shortcomings and, perhaps more importantly, an understanding and tolerance of his own.

I told you that I already have a propensity to like this movie, since it is over much of the same route that I walked a few years ago. I saw it last Saturday and I like it a lot. Wonderful scenery that I remember well. It is moving, emotional, deep, funny in places, hokey in a few places, but overall, a movie that I would recommend and that I will see again. When it comes to a movie house near you, take the time to see it. I think that you will be glad that you did.



2 thoughts on “The Way

  1. Hi Guy – just wanted to say that it was nice to see you briefly – as a friend and I were going to see “The Way” when it was at the ByTowne Cinema. We are intending to do a pilgrimage walk ourselves – when the time is right. You mentioned you were going back to continue your walk in France this coming Spring – just wanted to let you know I came back to your blog to read about your plans! I really look forward to reading more about your adventures… I am just reading an very inpsiring book – that you might be interested in checking out – called “The Spirited Walker” by Carolyn Scott Kortge. Not that you need much more inspiration!
    Blessings! Christine Hume, Almonte

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