The weaker sex

I have bad news, guys. Ladies, you already know this. Women are NOT the weaker sex. I have for the past week watched my wife look after a two-year-old. She is patient, organized, persistent, calm, knowledgeable, happy and, if it were me, exhausted. Two hours with him and I have to go have a nap. I had no idea when she looked after our kids, who were then 3, 2 and 2 months, how much effort and organization is required. I have even more respect for her now than I had then, and that is a LOT of respect. I honestly have no idea how she could have managed. And she was enormously supportive of me and my career aspirations. I was in the military and was offered an opportunity to go off for helicopter pilot training. The downside was that it would be in the southern USA (We were living in Petawawa, 2 hours north-west of Ottawa) … and I would be away for about a year. She was quite prepared for me to do that. She would be alone for a year with these babies. And there was no family around. I left at the beginning of June and she bravely bid me good-bye. A few weeks later, the military in its wisdom decided that she could join me, so she packed up our house, put the three kids in a VW Beetle, then set off for the 2500 kilometer car trip to central Texas … alone. So we men may have bigger bodies and bigger muscles, but we are the weaker sex. I don’t know of a man of my acquaintance who could have done that. Certainly not me! Not then, not now. Ladies, I salute you all.

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