Tracking my distance in training

Yesterday, a lovely sunny autumn day, I walked the equivalent of 15.6 km. How do I know this? I use a simple pedometer which counts my steps. That is all it does and it does it well. (It’s a Digi-Walker SW-200, the cheapest one they make.) Yesterday was 19,969 steps. Since my average step is 28 inches, I do the math and come up with my distance each day. I find tracking and logging distance is a powerful incentive for me to do the necessary training for my walk next April. When I don’t track, I tend to walk and train less. Do others have the same problem? I don’t know.

I sent an email out to the three young Germans who walked with me on the Camino three years ago, inviting them to join me for part of my walk next year. I have already heard back from Karsten in Berlin, who tells me that the school where he teaches has Easter break starting on 18 April 2011, so he will be free to join me at the beginning of my journey. I am delighted with this. I have not yet heard from the other two. This does not change … much …  my plan of walking alone. I expect that most of the time will be solitary walking, but having a Camino friend like Karsten to share a little of it will be entirely welcome.

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