Very Good News!

I have been given a clean bill of health. I had the last test yesterday – a nuclear perfusion cardiac stress test – and the doctors have now checked out my lungs, my blood and my heart. As far as they can tell, I am in good health for a person of my age. That means that my difficulty in the Auvergne in France on the Massif Central was a combination of altitude and physical stress, nothing more. To say I am pleased would be a serious understatement. I am extremely grateful for the messages of concern about my physical and psychological health from so many of my friends, and also for the state of health care in Canada that has allowed me to get so thoroughly checked out at no direct cost to me. If this is socialized medicine, I am all for it!

Interested in details of the stress test?

Have a look at:

3 thoughts on “Very Good News!

  1. Very Very good news indeed.
    The symptoms you had in France, would have been a serious concern for anyone.
    I had a similar scare last Febuary, when I had a fall off of my porch roof, and broke my ankle.
    I had what is called a “vasovagal syncope” wheras my heart actually stopped for 20 = 30 seconds. I was fortunate to have a Clinical Nurse specialist in Cardiac care beside me, my wife (she’ll never forgive me for this one) She had to give me CPR, until the ambulance arrived. After all the similar tests, they claim that all is well with my ticker as well.
    So, now I’m back on the trail, and trying to break-in the new screws, rods, and various other bits of titanium they used to put my ankle back together.
    Keep on Trekkin Guy! maybe just a little bit slower…
    Although I’m fortunate to have excelent health insurance here in the US. I am also a fan of socialized medicine, if it can managed correctly. It seems Canada has been able to do that.
    I hope you are starting the write the book…
    SD from Massachusetts

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