24 hours to go

I have less than 24 hours now until I leave Ottawa for my walk across France. Yesterday I had the last opportunity for grandchild therapy for the next 10 weeks. My son Christian brought the grandchildren to Ottawa for the weekend so that I could spend time with them. I am prepared to go, feeling calm and wondering what in hell I was thinking when I decided to do this.

Today I bought a small light carrying bag for the backpack so that I don’t have to carry the pack everywhere. I still plan to use the cruddy used suitcase I bought for $10 to disguise the backpack when it travels without me. This is my plan for having my pack take the same planes that I will be on tomorrow. I will let you know how this works. I will be wearing my boots, carrying my rain jacket and all electronics that are going with me. Also my guide book the Miam Miam Dodo book from Le Puy en Velay to Saint Jean Pied de Port.

3 thoughts on “24 hours to go

  1. Bon voyage…the walk will surely be tough and painful, – but hopefully an experience for life with great atmosphere, spirit and beautiful scenery.
    I will follow you on the way and later in youre footsteps.
    – Tor from Norway

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