I am running behind in the blog

Sorry about the lack of news.  I am in the Auvergne district, specifially the Haute Loire (think back of beyond) and there is very little Internet or WiFi here and what there is, is spotty. I will catch up when I can.

3 thoughts on “I am running behind in the blog

  1. Hi Guy,

    I’m glad to see your journey is safely underway. Looking forward to the details as you get a chance.

    Anne Senior

  2. Hi, Guy.
    Hope your trip is going well.
    Yesterday evening we watched the film “St. Jacques … de Mecque.”
    I’m sure you’ve heard of it, probably seen it. But if not, it is a wonderful French film about a group of people making the pilgrimage from somewhere in France to Finisterre. Exactly where you are walking these days. Could not but help think of you.

    All the best,

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